About Us

We are a group of techies who are passionate about teaching. We started our journey with many different domains, and most of us have worked for more than ten years as IT professionals.

The Aim is to boost your confidence, overcome the interview fear, put you in the right direction to crack the interview of your dream job.

We have been working for a very long time as IT professionals and we understand the need to know the in-and-out of the interview process for all the related technologies. So, let’s learn the fundamentals of these technologies to break the interview wall.

Anyone can crack. Only you need to work in the right direction and correct path.
“Join CrackSo to crack”

Let’s Learn Together! 

Mission– Accelerate “IT professionals” career journeys to maximize their success.

Vision– Offer a SMART Career Acceleration Platform that acts like a personal coach to every job seeker along their career journey.