AWS Cloud Domain

Suitable for: 

  • Any L1 or L2 network professional.
  • A technical support/cloud network person with 1 to 3 years of experience and a basic understanding of a network domain.
  • Anyone who understands network technology and wants to build his career as a network professional.

AWS Cloud Domain (Beginner/Intermediate)

What you will learn-

IAM, EC2,S3, VPC (subnet, Route table, SG, NACL, Natgateway, VPC peering, VPC endpoints) RDS, Dynamodb, aurora, Load balancers, Autoscaling, Route 53, migration services (storage gateway, snow family, DMS) lambda, cloud formation, SQS, Direct connect, transit gateway, SQS, cloud watch, AWS config, cloud trail and KMS.


Live Scenario/Real-time service manager question- what is user data in ec2? How will you connect ec2 to s3 bucket? how to we recover key pairs? what is VPC endpoints? How to use the same private IP to other ec2 instances?


AWS Cloud Domain


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