Network Domain (beginner/intermediate)

Suitable for:

  • Any L1 or L2 network professional.
  • A technical support/BPO person who is having 1 to 3 years of experience and basic understanding in network domain.
  • Anyone who understanding network technology and wants to build his career as network professional.

Network Domain (Beginner/Intermediate)

 What you will learn: OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, backbone network, LAN, WAN, Routers Switches, VTP, VLAN, point to point link, 3-way handshake, subnet mask, data encapsulation, VPN, VPN types, ACL, NAT, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, DNS, Network Topology.

live Scenario/Real time Network domain interview question: How you will find the bandwidth status in router, How you will define the priority in your setup, Why do we need PAT when we are using single IP for NAT, Difference between various network commands, what commands will use most in network domain, Explain the commands (CLI) for different topology checks Ex- BGP status, interface status, Neighbor device checks, EIGRP status, DMVPN status and many more. Describe the site-to-site VPN T-shoot steps, Packet flow, Real time network incident questions.

Network Customer handling questions: Single Device, No backup what you will do, VPN is not coming up and today is Go-Live how you will manage, Morning Users will come and we need to get this VPN up and running.

Course duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Network Domain (beginner/intermediate)


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