Service Manager
5 to 6 hours

Suitable for: 2 to 9 years’ experience of incident manager, Major/Critical incident manager, Change manger, Problem manager, Service desk manager.

Service Manager

What you will learn: This course will cover whole ICP (Incident, problem and change) knowledge including live Scenario based questions also you will also be able to learn the BSLA exercise MTTR exercise, CSAT, SLA, Managing external service providers, people management, customer handling, understanding on scope of work (SOW), how to to train new employees in company procedures, customer interactions, CMDB knowledge and many more which will cover the day-to-day profile for ICP person and service manager.

live Scenario/ Real time service manager question: What’s the most challenging customer service issue you’ve ever faced?  What are some cost-efficient strategies you could implement in our business?

Tool ex- SNOW, E-helpline, Remedy, Jira, Tableau.

Course duration: 5 to 6 hours

Jordan Reynolds


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